Construction Sector
Organises workers on building projects that are both public and private. SIPTU organisers and activists constantly monitor the sector to ensure compliance by employers with collective agreements. Workers in the oil exploration industry are also organised within this Sector.

Construction Sector Organiser: Martin Meere
Tel: 01 8586409                                                         


SIPTU Construction industry campaigns include:

Construction workers campaign for a new Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) and Registered Employment Agreement (REA) – construction workers are organising and joining the union in order to put themselves into a strong position to demand an SEO to cover minimum pay and conditions of employment in their industry and to negotiate a new REA with employers. The aim is to restore and ultimately improve on the previous rates of pay in the previous REA before the recession. It is important that construction workers reclaim lost ground and demand their fair share of the economic recovery. The campaign also seeks to protect and enhance other terms and conditions which were previously part of the previous construction sector REA.

For further information contact:
SIPTU Organiser,
Pat McCabe
Tel: 087 250 1731

SIPTU Sector Organiser,
Martin Meere
Tel: 087 0512025

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