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SIPTU is an organising Union. It aims to organise employees so that together they can use their individual and collective voice to secure good pay and conditions of employment, with real respect, equality and dignity at work, in a safe and healthy work environment.

It also provides guidance on organising other employees into active participation in SIPTU so that they too can have the advantages and benefits of union organisation.

The reason organising is so important to SIPTU is to ensure that the Union is strong enough to exercise decisive influence on behalf of its members in individual employments, in broad sectors of the economy and in its dealings with Government on issues of major concern to workers such as taxation, childcare, social welfare, housing, and education.

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Why should I organise a trade union in my workplace?

By joining together in a union, we can make a real difference in our workplaces. When we are together, management find it hard to ignore us -- and new laws mean that if employers won't speak to their employees about issues at work, they have to speak to the Labour Court about them instead. SIPTU can help you and your colleagues stand together -- we call this organising


Wages per week Class/Contribution (per week) Dispute Benefit (per week) Mortality Benefit

Retirement Benefit

Over €500 A1 - €5.00 €220 See Rules 156-162 See Rule 166
Over €325 and up to and including €500 A2 - €4.00 €200 See Rules 156-162 See Rule 166
Over €200 and up to and including €325 A3 - €2.80 €150 See Rules 156-162 See Rule 166
Over €127 and up to and including €200 B - €1.90 €115 See Rules 156-162 See Rule 166
Members earning €127 a week or under pay contributions at a rate of €1 a week in accordance with the provisions of Rule 157 and benefits will be paid on a pro rata basis C See Rules 150-154    
Unemployed members D - €0.30   See Rules 156-162  

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