Few of us may be fortunate enough to work in our ideal job. But most of us would like to be able to earn a living without hassle in a good atmosphere – where our work is valued and we are treated fairly and with decency.

We would like to feel that no one is taking advantage of us – on issues like pay, working hours and holidays, or health and safety.

Of course, we could just trust to chance and hope that all of this happens automatically. Or we could get organised to try to make certain that it does.

That is what workers in virtually all of the better employments in this country have done.

Joining together to ensure that they are consulted about all the major decisions affecting their work. Joining together to ensure that they get the going rate for the work they do. Joining together to ensure that they are entitled to be treated with respect.

And more of them have joined SIPTU than any other workers’ organisation in Ireland.

If you feel tired of being pushed around at work, it’s time to push back – with a little help from your friends in SIPTU.

In SIPTU you will have access to the extensive knowledge and experience of a nationwide team of professional negotiators. You can also draw on the know-how and commitment of our voluntary representatives on the ground in every workplace and with access to the unparalleled resources of the Union’s back-up services in training and development, health and safety, as well as advice on pensions and other complex work issues – including employment law.

So whatever the issue – from understanding your first pay slip to working out your retirement pension and everything in between – SIPTU can offer advice and support.

Every day in all kinds of ways, SIPTU is making a positive difference in the lives of men and women in Ireland – by improving living standards, increasing employment opportunities and fighting for better access to social services like health and education.

Over 200,000 workers in Ireland have already  taken more control of their lives by getting organised with SIPTU – men and women just like you.

And remember, no matter how much an employer may try to persuade you otherwise, every worker in this country is legally entitled to join a trade union.

As a result of a recent change in the law, workers can now be represented by a trade union on issues like pay and working conditions – even if the employer refuses to recognise the Union. The new law allows the Union to take a case on behalf of the workers to the Labour Court, if necessary. The Court can make a binding decision on the matter – which is legally enforceable. The law also makes it illegal for an employer to victimise a workers for seeking trade union rights. Any employer who does so could have to pay compensation of up to two years’ wages to the workers concerned.

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