SIPTU's concern for the quality of life of its members extends beyond their material welfare to include cultural and intellectual activities. This approach was summed up by Larkin and Connolly - the early organisers of SIPTU's predecessors, the ITGWU and the FWUI - that workers were entitled not only to bread on the table but roses too.

SIPTU’s involvement Arts is twofold. Firstly the Union directly represents a number of workers who earn their living from the arts: professional musicians, writers, actors and other performers - as well as film, broadcasting and theatre staff. The Musicians Union of Ireland (MUI) and Irish Equity are affiliated to SIPTU.

The Union also promotes cultural activities and events for members, their families and the general public. These activities include sponsorships of books, theatrical productions, musical compositions, concerts, art and sculpture competitions.

Annually several cultural events run by the Union and other organisation are hosted in the Liberty Hall Theatre and Conference Centre, a custom-built multi-use venue adjacent to the Union’s landmark headquarters at Eden Quay in the heart of Dublin.


Irish Equity

Musicians' Union of Ireland

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