SIPTU is an organising Union. It aims to organise employees so that together they can use their individual and collective voice to secure good pay and conditions of employment. It also provides guidance on organising other employees into active participation in SIPTU so that they too can have the advantages and benefits of union organisation.

An essential part of SIPTU's work is to organise and retain workers into membership of the Union. This process is known as organising. The reason organising is so important to SIPTU is to ensure that the Union is strong enough to exercise decisive influence on behalf of its members in individual employments, in broad sectors of the economy and in its dealings with Government on issues of major concern to workers such as taxation, childcare, social welfare, housing and education.

Strategic Organising Department

The Strategic Organising Department plays a key role organising in those sectors of the workforce which are most in need of union representation in order to combat exploitation. To achieve these aims the Department designs and implements strategic organising campaigns across specific Sectors.

The Department has its own team of organisers and staff who work in conjunction with the Divisions and Sectors. Organising campaigns involve the Department working directly with shop stewards, activists and members in building Union organisation and strength.

National Head of Organising: Darragh O'Connor
Tel: (01) 8586367

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