SIPTU Local Authority sector
Represents members across a wide variety of grades employed by county and city councils. These grades include general operative, water services, road maintenance, engineers, fire fighters and many others.

Sector Organiser: Brendan O'Brien


MORE POWER TO YOU CAMPAIGN - The campaign to reclaim the role of local authorities and local democracy. Local Government touches every aspect of our daily lives and affects every citizen – young and old alike. It affects our schools, our homes, our public parks. It’s in our work, our play and our recreation.

The nature of our society is rapidly changing. Technology and social changes mean the way in which we work and live are constantly evolving. Strengthening Ireland’s local government offers us the unique opportunity to establish a new and better system of local government – one which truly reflects and represents the changing and diverse nature of our society.

Download the campaign case statement the More Power to You Campaign leaflet here.

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