The SIPTU Services Division represents the interest of service workers employed in service related industries, such as cleaning, security, hospitality, retail, transport, warehousing, print, media, financial services and the arts.

SIPTU Services Division is made up of four Sectors:

  • Security, Contract Cleaning and Insurance and Finance Sector
  • Wholesale Retail Distribution Sector
  • Hotels, Catering, Leisure, Print and Media Sector
  • Arts and Culture Sector


Services Division campaigns include:

CAMPAIGN FOR A LIVING WAGE AND DECENT WORK – an industrial and political campaign to ensure that all workers in Ireland’s services industries are organised in pursuit of five fundamental entitlements: a wage that is high enough to maintain a decent standard of living; certainty of earnings; security of hours; the right to union representation and respect in the workplace.

JUSTICE FOR CLERYS WORKERS - a campaign to change company law and employee protective law to ensure that what happened to the workers in Dublin’s Clerys Department Store cannot be repeated.

LOW PAY IS NOT OK – a campaign for a living wage for workers in Ireland’s hospitality industry.

MAKE MY WORKPLACE SAFE – a campaign to improve working conditions for hospitality workers and to prevent workers getting physical and psychological injuries at work.

MIGRANT WORKERS SUPPORT NETWORK – an initiative to organise and support migrant workers to ensure they fully participate in union activity and create a union support network to enable migrant workers support themselves and their communities.

THE WORKING CITY INITIATIVE – an initiative to build a broad coalition for living wages and decent jobs for services sector workers in Ireland’s cities.


Division Organiser: Teresa Hannick
Tel: 01 8586389

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