The Legal Rights Unit provides advice and guidance to SIPTU Organisers on employment rights and entitlements to assist them in taking claims on behalf of members under the various pieces of Employment Rights legislation, such as the Unfair Dismissals Act, the Payment of Wages Act, and the Employment Equality Acts.

The Unit has legally qualified SIPTU staff that provide advice to Organisers on Labour Law generally, including the conduct of industrial disputes, as well as advice to the General Officers of the Union. The Legal Rights Unit also provides advice for Organisers, Members and Shop Stewards on pensions and pension related matters.

The Unit supports the work of the Workers Rights Centre (WRC) in advising and representing individual members in order to help them to secure their rights. It also assists the work of the Divisions in matters of collective representation of groups of members in different employments and Sectors.

The advice of the Legal Rights Unit is available to Industrial or WRC Organisers when a complex legal issue is identified by them, and is then referred by them to the Unit.

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