The Retired Members' Section achieved formal status in 2003 when SIPTU's National Delegate Conference adopted new rules outlining its status and clarifying the definition of a “retired member.”

The Retired Members’ Section was established to provide support and information for retired members of the Union to enable them to continue  to participate in the growth and development of the Union.

The Section deals with a range of issues of concern to retired members including social  welfare, health, pensions, personal security, retirement planning and public transport. It also oversees the general organising of retired members throughout the country.

The Section is also active in lobbying Government Departments and State agencies on issues of concern to retired people, including submissions to the Minister for Finance on the Budget. It is affiliated to the Irish Senior Citizens’ National Parliament – a federation of over 300 organisations representing older people throughout Ireland – and is represented on the Parliament’s National Executive.

As a result of representations made by the Section, the Union’s National Executive Council has agreed that retired members may now represent the Union on local Councils of Trade Unions, community and other organisations.

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