The Process

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  • If you have a workplace problem or query you can do one of the following:

Contact your Shop Steward
Contact your Union Organiser
Phone the Workers Rights Centre (WRC) on 1800 747881
Email your query to WRC on (please include your membership number if you have it)

  • When you contact the WRC, the first person you talk to will be a WRC Information Assistant who will provide information and advice on your problem.
  • If your case is complex the Information Assistant will pass it on to the WRC Centre Supervisor.
  • The WRC Centre Supervisor will refer your case for approval to your Union Organiser.
  • The Centre Supervisor then allocates the case to a WRC Advocate who will contact you directly.
  • If necessary the WRC Advocate will organise a personal confidential meeting to discuss your case.
  • Where possible the same WRC Advocate will assist and represent the worker with their case in whatever employment forum it must be taken to in order to secure a resolution.

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